There are many things that website owners should take into account. Some of the most important ones are related to their website themes. Is it the right time to change the website theme? Should you pay for the theme or use a free theme? What makes a good theme?

Changing website themes is an easy task, but before you do this, you should think about the effects of this action on different elements of your website.

Your brand

Websites that are already branded have usually incorporated the theme of their website in their general branding strategy. So, does this apply to your website? Is the theme of your website associated with the branding of the website? Is it possible to witness some losses in case you decide to switch the theme? In case your website theme is closely related to your brand, it might be a good idea to use a new theme that uses many of the elements found in the old theme.


There are millions of websites and blogs on the Internet and most of them are using similar free website themes. So, originality and uniqueness is definitely something that you should take into account because visitors respect that. If you change the theme, will your website look more original or less original? There is no doubt that if you are using a free website theme and you are planning on using premium theme now, you will boost the uniqueness of your website. Don’t forget that there are some free themes that have not been popularized yet.


As you are probably aware, the website theme is the most important thing when it comes to the appearance of your Ecommerce website. Think about the new website theme that you are planning on using. Does this theme have a higher quality? Will it make your website look more interesting and visually appealing? The main point of this change is to improve your website.


Even the best looking websites can fail if their functionality is low. So, before you start using a new website theme, think about its functionality. Is it easy to find the subscription box? Can users use the search box without any hassles? Is the content separated into different categories? Does every page load fast? Answer these questions in order to ensure that your website theme combines functionality and appearance in the best way.